About Jean


Who is Jean ?

Jean Hwang Carrant - Cookie Love

Jean Hwang Carrant (pronounced Gene) is full of surprises…

This American born and raised in Kansas, of Taiwanese descent, fallen in love with a Frenchman, bakes the most surprising cookies in Paris.

Pounds of creativity, a good dose of excellence, a genuine touch of Asian elegance and a breath of fresh air…voilà, the unique and original recipe for her extraordinary cookies where France, Asia and America encounter.


For Jean, East has always met West and her extraordinary creative personality is the proof.
Sweet yet passionate, discrete yet curious, elegant yet spirited, authentic and creative, perfectionist and generous, classical and rock and roll… Jean charms us.


Jean’s cookies are carefully hand-made and individually rolled in small batches. She creates new combinations using the best quality and ORGANIC/BIO ingredients available. Her cookies are authentic and perfectly chewy.